Samba, Pagode,
Bossa Nova, and more !
Samba, Pagode,
Bossa Nova, and more !
A  little  bit  of  Brazil  in  New  England  and  beyond !!!
A  little  bit  of  Brazil  in  New  England  and  beyond !!!
Nevena Radoynovska
Born in Sofia Bulgaria, on the other side of the world from the birthplace of
Samba,  Nevena have always been in love with dancing. It was strengthened
after she moved to Boston, where she became exposed to Salsa, Merengue,
and other Latin dances.

At the same time, true to her Bulgarian heritage, she joined a Bulgarian folk
dance ensemble based in Cambridge in 1999. Since then she has
performed with the dance group Ludo Mlado at annual Bulgarian national
holiday celebrations, at the Coolidge Corner Theater's Kids Show, and at
cultural festivals in Boston and New York City.

This March the ensemble is scheduled to have a concert as part of the
annual Balkan Music Night.

In the fall of 2003, with an already growing fascination with Brazil, Nevena enrolled in her first Samba
class at the
Brookline Community Center for the Arts (BCCA). In December of that year
she  was invited to do a holiday show with Samba Tremeterra of the Brazilian Cultural Center of New
(BCCNE). As a dancer with the group she also performed at the BCCA and at a
Carnival Extravaganza organized by the University of New Hampshire.

Before moving to study in Providence, RI in the fall of 2004, Nevena attended a Samba de Gafieira
class at the
BCCA and once again fell in love with a new style of Brazilian dance.
Since then she has been traveling to Boston regularly to attend
"Samba Sundays" and to rehearse
as part of the group,
"Apotheosis of Samba."

Next semester at Brown University she plans to join a Latino Performing Arts group and to create a
Bulgarian Folk Dancing club.
Through her experiences with Samba, she now feels that her other birthplace is in Brazil.
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