Samba, Pagode,
Bossa Nova, and more !
Samba, Pagode,
Bossa Nova, and more !
A  little  bit  of  Brazil  in  New  England  and  beyond !!!
A  little  bit  of  Brazil  in  New  England  and  beyond !!!
Samba Sundays Classes
CANCELLED until further notice!!!

At Samba Sundays we teach a basic Samba de Gafieira class!

These classes are perfect for people new to this kind of dance, or for those without
any dancing background. Also, it is very good for people who are already
acquainted with Samba and Samba de Gafieira, and want to develop their dance
techniques even more.

Every Sunday class is different from the previous one!

We have a bunch of different, cool basic figures that we teach on Sundays.
We do not teach all of them on a single class, but we will show you four to six of
these steps per Sunday, which is good enough for a 90 minute class.

This small group of four to six different Samba de Gafieira figures is called
"Samba Sundays Routine."

We teach groups of easy basic steps to beginners at Samba Sundays, to give them
the right feeling on how a dance should be built. Every Sunday you will learn a
different small dance routine, which will also teach you how to connect one step to
another, mixing them in many different orders, building an enjoyable and a
beautiful dance.

Another reason why a Samba Sundays class is always different from the others is
because we have a lot of different ways to teach, even if we are teaching exactly
the same figure over again, we always utilize a different approach to demonstrate
it, emphasizing different details and aspects of the same step, as if we were
teaching a completely new thing.

Our Sunday classes are always fun and very popular because after them, students
stay for an intimate upscale dance party with live Brazilian music that runs until
Samba Sundays!!!
Classes at Ryles Jazz Club


Our dance classes at Ryles were created to start two of the best Brazilian dance
parties with live music in New England, for two different Brazilian bands:
"Sambaholic" and "Brazilnut!"

Two times a month, first on the second Friday, we start the night for our friends
from Sambaholic, teaching a basic Samba de Gafieira lesson, and on the
fourth Friday we teach another 60 minute Samba de Gafieira lesson right before
Brazilnut gives us the best of Brazilian music!

These classes are so much fun and very relaxed. We do not give much
attention to details and technical things here, we just show people the very basic
steps ofSamba de Gafieira and start to dance right away.

The basic steps will give you the ability to move around the dance floor, but not
only this, it will also give you
"timing," which in dancing it means:
"to step on the right beat of the music on the right time."
In other words: to move with the rhythm, to dance. Once you get the basics,
which normally happens in five minutes, the only thing you will need
to do is to practice more, having fun dancing during the party with the music of
Sambaholic and Brazilnut !!!

Second and fourth Fridays each month
8:30 - 9:30pm - Samba de Gafieira lessons
9:30pm - 1:00am - Brazilian dance party with live music

Cost: $10 per person (including the dance party)
Admission 18+

Ryles Jazz Club
212 Hampshire St., Inman Sq., Cambridge.                        Click here for Directions & Map
Samba de Gafieira Workshop
@ The New England Tango Academy

Saturday, March 3rd, 2012 - from 3:45 to 5:45pm
Cost - $25 per person


In this workshop you'll learn a mix of basic and intermediate steps, open and
close embrace, and leading and following techniques.
Hope you all can make it !
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