Samba, Pagode,
Bossa Nova, and more !
Samba, Pagode,
Bossa Nova, and more !
A  little  bit  of  Brazil  in  New  England  and  beyond !!!
A  little  bit  of  Brazil  in  New  England  and  beyond !!!
André Carvalho
Born in São Paulo Brazil, of a father from Rio de Janeiro - the cradle of
Samba - André has always had a very close relation with Samba and its' rich
variety of rhythms.

At an early age he was immersed in Samba de Gafieira and Ballroom dance,
movements that today he executes with elegant mastery.

After years of dance and dance study in Rio and São Paulo, he decided to
develop himself as a professional dancer and engaged in training with the
Jaime Arôxa Dance Company (one of the most pre-eminent dance
companies in the World of Samba and Ballroom dance in Brazil). There, he
honed his skills as a ballroom dancer with special dedication to Samba de
Gafieira and Bolero styles.

In 1998, he achieved the level of master teacher and choreographer. And, in 1999 he relocated to the
United States where he began teaching Samba de Gafieira in Cambridge, MA.
In association with Jeff Robinson and Juliana Melo from the
Havana Club, he opened the first
Samba de Gafieira night in New England -
"Samba Sundays". With them, he also found the support
to establish the dance group
"Apotheosis of Samba".

With innumerable workshops and performances carried out in Brazil and the U.S.A., and a following
of hundreds of students, André has an impressive record. In the U.S., he has
performed for a range of audiences at universities, schools, nightclubs, cultural and community
centers, and fairs and cultural events, including the latest Worlds Fair in Central Square.

At present, he is the art director, choreographer and dance teacher of the
"Apotheosis of Samba Dance Group".

He continues to evolve his artistry and dance skills through the
study of other dance forms such as East Coast and West Coast Swing, and he is also learning to
play the "pandeiro", a musical instrument played by Samba musicians.
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